056. today is Tuesday

posted on 11 Jan 2011 21:48 by wrapheart in diary
I've done my midtern test on Math and English Reading and Writing. Tomorrow I'll have English Speaking Midterm Test  i'm sure i can do it !!
Okay Let's talk about the modterm test ,
Math wasn't hard i think -0- it's all about statics and linear equation.
English R/W - not hard again but lots of writing - -;; almost about writing in compare and contrast sentence and answer the question.
hmmmmmm what am i gonna update for todayyyy ? thinking ....
I know ,
today i've an extra class after school while i was walking to the bus stop i met the foreigner, he asked me about the direstion to his hotel where he booked and of course i can tell him the right way !!
good job Arena :)
At weekend I'll have extra classes with the teachers from bangkok all day :(
I wanna eat some ice-cream ..
ps. on 19th Jan my friend from Korea will arrive at Bangkok !!
that's all my entry for today see you bye :)






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